Thousands of students complete health care-related educational placements at  St. Luke's Health System each year as part of their degree programs. This page is meant to be a resource for students and related faculty.


*If you are a MSW student you must complete the Social Work Department Application, located in the column to the left, prior to completing the steps below. This application must be returned to the Social Work Department.

Participation in a student experience at St. Luke's requires these steps:

  1. You or your school clinical coordinator/instructor are responsible for arranging your clinical rotation and/or observation hours. Student Services does not provide this service.
  2. Please contact us to verify St. Luke's has an educational affiliation agreement with your school prior to setting up a clinical rotation.
  3. To begin your rotation at St. Luke's you must complete the following requirements 4 weeks prior to your start date. Please choose from one of the applications located on the left side of the page. 
  4. You must complete the following steps 4 weeks prior to the start of your clinical rotation:. 
    1. Complete application
    2. Upon receipt of application, student orientation instructions will be emailed to you.  Orientation is offered online through Sumtotal.
    3. Please follow the instructions immediately.
    4. When all requirements are complete a confirmation will be emailed to you.

    Observers:  You must set-up and confirm your observation location, date, and length of observation with the provider prior to filling out and submitting an ‘Observer’ application.  We do not set-up observations with providers.  

  5. For questions, please send an email to:

Every student must prominently display a proper St. Luke's Health System identification badge at all times while at a St. Luke's facility.

Our dress code for students is business casual. For students involved in direct patient care, scrubs with closed-toe shoes are an appropriate alternative to business casual dress.

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